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Ancient Circles
(Legendary Clothing and Jewelry)

Rainwalker Studios
(Paintings, Mythic Masks)

Affordable Museum Replicas, Archangels,
Egyptian Statues, Greek Wall Plaques, Buddhas

(Molded bronze or bonded stone statues and plaques
for home decor and art collecting)

Dragonsong Drums
(Handcrafted Stoneware Doumbek Drums
Rattle & Talking Sticks, Smudge & Incense Burning Bowls
made by ceramic artist & drum maker,
Mayra Sonam Paldon)

(Handcrafted Stoneware Pottery

by Mayra Sonam Paldon)

Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic

Catskill Moccasins
Catskill Moccasins

Celtic Knots

(Fine Quality Reproductions for the Serious Collector and Re-enactor!
Medieval and Renaissance items for your fun and enjoyment
as well as re-enactment's and historical needs.)


(For All Your Custom Sewing Needs:
Home of Ana's Accoutremonts™ Custom Costumes,
Ruth's Custom Sewing™ Fashions for Ladies &
RK Tailoring™ Menswear)

Shields and Swords
(Shields and Swords has a large selection of collectible replica
Medieval shields and swords, Fantasy Swords, Civil War Swords,
Battle Axes, Samurai Swords, Tai Chi Swords, Ninja Swords & more)

Witchy Mall

Websites: specializing in designing for artists,
craftspersons, poets, healers and small businesses .
Photography, Signs, Desktop Publishing

Medieval Knight Renaissance Stationery Invitations
The medieval knight of arms is great for
renaissance festivals, renaissance faires,
parties and wedding invitations.

Magnetic Graffiti
Calligraphy magnets, guaranteed-to-sell wholesale assortments:
witty, whimsical and sincere. Handmade in California
by a solar powered family business.

Catholic Icon Reproductions
Mounted on 3/4" oak wood, explanatory text included.

Men Alive
A site for men and the women who love them.

Covering male menopause, irritable male symdrome,
male-type drpression, how women can survive
his "change of life" and more.

Feng Shui Products
New Age Store, Metaphysical and Spiritual Gift Shop
at the Spiritual Dimension.

Storey's Celtic Gourds
Celtic Gourds & Gourd Jewelry
Earrings, Necklaces and Pins


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